Project Monitoring (Project Finance)

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  • Mumbai, India

Roles and Responsibilities

The objective of project monitoring exercise is to (a) actively track progress in under-construction projects & track technical performance of operational projects against expected parameters (b) identify early warning signals that point to potential delays resulting into time and cost over-run (c) Enabling the bank to take appropriate corrective action well in advance to prevent or minimize losses


Business Related

    • Review of cost break-up of the projects and compare it with industry standards
    • Review of Site section criteria, technical simulations reports, Design and engineering submitted by the developers or other agencies
    • Review land purchase status & identifying risks associated with availability of land
    • Review of various equipment selection criteria, BOM, vendors lists, supply contracts, equipment inspection reports; advise PF bankers & Credit on adequacy of procurement plan with a focus on long lead items
    • To oversee & monitor project execution during construction stage. Assess actual progress of various sub segments against planned work and highlight discrepancies.
    • Monitor installation, testing and commissioning from the Bank s side
    • Periodical assessment of project progress, compare it with expected timeline and report at appropriate levels. To undertake site / plant visit and report project progress (for under-construction projects) or any critical issues
    • Co-ordinate with EPC contractors, Site Teams of Developers and Consultants for on-time completion of project
    • Review & advise on adequacy of Operation & Maintenance (O&M) arrangements
    • Submit various periodical reports based on Bank s standard operating procedure (SOP)

People Related

    • Coordination with technical team of prospective and existing borrowers of the Bank, Lender s Engineer and other external consultants required for project / account related matter for project monitoring
    • Coordination and periodical interaction with internal stakeholders like credit team, respective business teams for account related information sharing and resolution of critical issues in the accounts

Other Support Role

Adherence to all processes & protocols to ensure zero error in compliance & audit particularly in project finance related case.

Educational Qualifications

Graduation: Engineering
7-12 years of relevant experience, with depth of technical matters related to projects in Power sector with a focus on renewables (solar) transmission etc.

Key Skills

    • Technical analysis of various components of projects in energy sectors viz. thermal, renewable, transmission, city gas distribution.
    • Proficiency in various engineering and industry standards
    • Keen eye for detail and understanding of risks factors from technical view point
    • Good communication skills (verbal & written)

Experience Required

Work Experience: (a) Corporates / Project developers in Energy sector (b) Advisory Services related to Infrastructure domain


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